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Planning for Social, Emotional, and Academic Development in Math Classrooms
Attending to students' social and emotional learning as well as their academic development is critical for student success. No longer can social and emotional learning be taught in isolation, separate from content.

In this webinar, presented in partnership with the Network of Accomplished Minoritized Educators, you will understand the need for social, emotional, and academic development (SEAD) in the content area of math and the connections between SEAD and equitable practices for teaching and learning. You will learn how the Standards for Mathematical Practice intersect with social, emotional, and academic development themes, and how they can be utilized in lessons to create a learning environment that focuses on both SEAD and strong, grade-level mathematics instruction. We’ll introduce you to a new resource, A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction, specifically one of the workbooks that helps math teachers integrate Social Emotional Academic Development (SEAD) into math lessons: Creating Conditions to Thrive: Environments and practices that support students’ social, emotional and academic development.


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